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Zzap – Redefining the Cash Handling Industry through Strategic Digital Marketing

Zzap is the leading cash handling retailer in the UK, with a vision to redefine the cash handling industry and bring it into the 21st century. Since its establishment in 2010, Zzap has developed and perfected its bespoke product range, setting a new benchmark in cash handling.

Challenge: Zzap faced the challenge of increasing their online visibility, driving targeted traffic to their website, and ultimately boosting sales and revenue. They sought to leverage strategic digital marketing initiatives to achieve these goals.

Strategy and Execution: To overcome these challenges, Zzap partnered with Digital Marketing Reach to develop and execute a comprehensive digital marketing strategy. The following strategies were implemented:

  1. Marketing Strategy and Customer Journey Mapping: Digital Marketing Reach planned and implemented effective marketing strategies, including customer journey mapping. By understanding the customer's path from awareness to purchase, Zzap was able to tailor their marketing efforts to deliver a seamless and engaging experience.
  2. Data Analysis and Growth Hacking: Digital Marketing Reach conducted in-depth data analysis to identify opportunities for growth and optimisation. By leveraging data-driven insights, Zzap was able to make informed decisions and implement growth hacking techniques to maximise their digital marketing efforts.
  3. Onsite and Offsite SEO Optimisation: Digital Marketing Reach implemented the latest onsite and offsite SEO tactics to improve Zzap's search engine visibility. This included optimising website loading speed, enhancing site structure, conducting keyword research, and implementing strategic content optimisation. By driving the website to the top of Google and Bing search engines for major keyword phrases, Zzap experienced increased organic traffic and improved online presence.

Results and Achievements: The collaboration between Zzap and Digital Marketing Reach resulted in remarkable achievements:

  1. Revenue Growth: Through the implementation of strategic digital marketing initiatives, Zzap witnessed a significant increase in revenue. Compared to the previous year, Zzap achieved an 80% revenue growth, showcasing the effectiveness of the implemented strategies.
  2. YouTube Organic Traffic Increase: Digital Marketing Reach focused on enhancing Zzap's YouTube presence, resulting in a 46% increase in organic traffic. By leveraging effective video content and optimising YouTube SEO strategies, Zzap experienced greater visibility and engagement on this platform.

Through a strategic partnership with Digital Marketing Reach, Zzap successfully redefined the cash handling industry and achieved significant growth in sales and revenue. The implemented marketing strategies, customer journey mapping, data analysis, and growth hacking techniques allowed Zzap to drive targeted traffic, improve their search engine visibility, and enhance their online presence. With the increase in revenue and YouTube organic traffic, Zzap solidified its position as a leader in the cash handling industry, positioning the company for continued success in the digital era.

April 22, 2021